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Accident Claims Can Be A Nightmare…Leave All the Hassle and Headache to Us and We’ll Make Your Non-Fault Claim As Smooth As Possible

Accident claims can be complicated and time-consuming, which is why Mercury Claims are helping accident victims all over the nation to make their claims easy and stress-free.

If you make your non-fault claim with us, you will have no financial commitment to us whatsoever, as we will be charging the responsible party for all costs involved in the claim. If your claim is unsuccessful, for whatever reason, you still pay nothing.

With a successful claim pursued on your behalf by us, you are guaranteed to receive 100% of your accident compensation. Unlike many claims management companies, we do not make you sign away part of your compensation to us. You receive all of it, just as you should.

Here are some of the many reasons why you will gain more by using Mercury Claims to get you your non-fault accident compensation:

100% Compensation – nothing deducted

No Fees Involved Whatsoever – zer0 risk and zero expense to you

Like for Like Replacement Vehicle to Keep You Mobile

Loss of Earnings recovered for You

All Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents – cars, motorbikes, vans etc

No Loss of No Claims Bonus When You Claim With Us

No Insurance Policy Excess Payment When You Claim With Us

No Risk to Your No Claims Bonus

Injury Claim Made on Your Behalf Even if You or Third Party Were Uninsured at Time of Incident

All Claims Are Processed and Handled Quickly and Efficiently

Here’s how a typical car claim would be processed:

your vehicle is recovered and put into secure storage

you receive a like-for-like replacement vehicle

an inspection of your damaged vehicle is arranged and it is inspected by an authorised assessor

we arrange an appointment for you to see a specialist who assesses your injuries

we deal with and process all the paperwork involved and make all the necessary phone calls, liasing on your behalf with all the parties involved

we negotiate the highest settlement we can get for you

you receive an offer for compensation

not happy with the offer? We re-negotiate

you agree to the offer

you receive your compensation

Claims Aren’t Just Limited to Road Accidents

You can claim for any type of accident which was caused through someone else’s negligence.

This includes car accidents where you were a pedestrian, slips trips and falls when out walking, any accident at work and so on. If in doubt, contact us for free advice. We will be happy to help. Accident claims are our speciality so your claim will be in good hands.

So, to recap, here are the main reasons for using a claims handling service such as ours for making your car crash or injury claim:

Our services really are completely free to you

We deal with ALL correspondence and matters related to your claim

You keep ALL your compensation

You get a like-for-like replacement vehicle

We make sure you don’t get fobbed off with a poor deal from insurance companies who always try to pay out as little as possible

If you were injured we can claim for you even if you were uninsured

Similarly, We Can Reclaim Your Uninsured Losses Such As Loss of Earnings

Let Expert Accident Claims start work on your claim today and get you the maximum compensation for your injury.